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Teagle Foundation announces new grants to further faculty-led assessment of student learning

New York, NY (June 19, 2007) - The Teagle Foundation today announced 15 new grants totaling just under $500,000 to fund collaborative projects involving over 35 colleges, universities, and educational institutions. Much of the funding will extend the Foundation's Outcomes and Assessment initiative, which explores the potential of faculty-led value-added assessment. In addition to 12 collaborative planning grants in assessment, one grant will support the Council for Aid to Education as it convenes a consortium of 40 research universities to forward its Collegiate Learning Assessment project. A further grant to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for its "Template Project" will fund the development of an information structure for the humanities, similar to what has long existed for the sciences.

An additional grant will continue Teagle's Fresh Thinking initiative: Skidmore College, working together with Colorado College, Connecticut College, and St. Lawrence University, will test the effectiveness of small group dialogues in enhancing sophomore engagement and learning.

"If colleges and universities are to bring student learning to the highest level possible, they must build systematically on what they have already achieved," said W. Robert Connor, president of The Teagle Foundation. "With this latest round of grants, we aimed to provide targeted support for the information gathering that is crucial to the development of liberal education, for the assessment instruments and processes that let us know how well we're serving students and how we can do still better, and for the fresh thinking that energizes the teaching and learning process as a whole."

Outcomes and Assessment

"Learning by Doing: Assessing the Relationship between Liberal Learning and Experiential Education at two Liberal Arts Comprehensive Institutions" -- $25,000
Belmont University and Wagner College

"Effective Approaches to Refining Skills in Oral Communication" -- $25,000
Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll University

"Assessing Students' Moral and Spiritual Growth in Liberal Arts Colleges" -- $22,895
College of the Holy Cross, Assumption College, and Saint Anselm College

"Assessing how Jesuit institutions can Effectively Promote Student Awareness, Critical Analysis, and Active Responses to Humanitarian Crises" -- $24,858
Fairfield University, Fordham University, and Georgetown University

"Assessing the Benefits of Multicultural Efforts" -- $25,000
Goucher College, McDaniel College, and Washington College

"Developing Collaborations to Assess and Improve Community-Based Learning within the Tri-College Consortium" -- $25,000
Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, and Swarthmore College

"From the Ancillary to the Embedded: Assessing Student Engaged Learning and Curricular Centrality" -- $25,000
Hendrix College, Birmingham Southern College, Millsaps College, and Southwestern University

"College/Community Partnerships Consortium: A Planning Grant to Explore Systematic Assessment of the Impact of Community Partnerships on Student Civic Engagement and Learning" -- $25,000
Rhodes College, Franklin & Marshall College, and Niagara University

"Connecting Assessment Data to Institutional Change: Using Findings from National Assessment to Inform Pedagogy and Decision Making for Better Learning Outcomes" -- $24,993
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Bloomfield College, Monmouth University

"A Discourse Approach to Assessment at the Departmental and University Levels" -- $25,000
Seattle University and Gonzaga University

"Assessing the Impact of Diversity Courses on Student Learning and Skill Development" -- $24,998
University of Southern California

"Diversity of Thought, Diversity in Practice: Assessing Student Learning and Engagement" -- $24,990
Ursinus College and Washington & Jefferson College

Additional Grants

Departmental Template Survey -- $75,000
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

To support a Research University Consortium -- $20,000
Council for Aid to Education

"Engaging Sophomore Students with Deliberative Dialogues: A Pilot Project to Enhance Liberal Learning" -- $100,000
Skidmore College, Colorado College, Connecticut College, and St. Lawrence University

The Teagle Foundation's Outcomes and Assessment initiative seeks to promote the development and use of faculty-driven value added assessment to improve learning outcomes and teaching methods. Teagle has funded 44 grants as part of its Outcomes and Assessment initiative, which totals over $6.1 million and has involved over 100 institutions around the country. Teagle's Fresh Thinking initiative encourages in-depth analysis of new ideas and issues that can help strengthen liberal education. Over the past three years, Teagle has awarded 37 Fresh Thinking grants totaling over $3.3 million. White papers from the first round of Fresh Thinking grants can be found on Teagle's website.

Please visit to read detailed descriptions for these projects as well as for more information on the Foundation and all its programs.

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