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Teagle Foundation Announces Over $1.6 Million in New Grants: Spotlight on Improving Student Learning in the Arts & Sciences

New York, NY (June 29, 2012) – In all of its grant initiatives, The Teagle Foundation works to be an influential national voice and catalyst for change in higher education to improve undergraduate student learning in the arts and sciences.  The Teagle Foundation announced today over $1.6 million in new grants to fund fifteen projects that involve 60 colleges, universities, and other organizations focused on higher education.  “These grants represent Teagle’s commitment to improving student learning, broadly understood as the active development of broad cognitive abilities such as critical, analytical, and integrative thinking,” said Richard L. Morrill, president of the Teagle Foundation.  
Fresh Thinking Grants:
Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century
The “Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century” initiative asks college and university consortia to think through how faculty work can / should change in response to the changing conditions—indeed, the changing nature—of undergraduate education. 
Associated Colleges of the Midwest - $150,000
Introducing Change: Introductory Courses and the Nature of Faculty Work
Associated Colleges of the South - $150,000
Blended Learning
Association of American Colleges & Universities - $200,000
Integrative Faculty Leadership for Liberal Learning
Imagining America - $150,000
A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Liberal Arts Education
Fresh Thinking Grants:
Graduate School Teaching in the Arts & Sciences
The "Graduate School Teaching in the Arts & Sciences" initiative focuses on educating graduate students in the arts and sciences in current research on learning, drawing on fields such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology and assessment.  The goal is for graduate students to understand how this knowledge can help them ensure that they teach—and their students learn—as effectively as possible, and to use the knowledge in their own classrooms. 
Columbia University - $107,000
Preparing Doctoral Students for 21st Century College and University Classrooms
Cornell University - $125,000
Preparing Graduate Students to become 21st Century Engaged Teaching Scholars
Princeton University - $125,000
Expanding the Mission
University of California, Berkeley - $125,000
Integrating the “How Students Learn” Initiative into Programs for Graduate Student Instructors
Outcomes and Assessment Grants: Engaging Evidence
The “Engaging Evidence” grants assist institutions in linking institutional priorities and decision-making processes to projects that aim to improve student learning outcomes, with an emphasis on helping them make effective use of existing data as they enact their projects. 
Union College, Gettysburg College, and Washington and Lee University - $230,000
Engaging Evidence: Improving Student Learning
College-Community Connections: Individual Community-based Organizations
This set of grants supports individual community-based organizations that offer challenging and stimulating college preparatory programs to enhance the readiness and success of talented but financially disadvantaged New York City high school students.  In addition, the Foundation helped to fund MDRC’s “College Match Program,” a project that complements this college preparation and success work. 
The Boys’ Club of New York - $50,000
Independent School Placement Program
East Side House Settlement - $50,000
College Retention Advising Program
East Harlem Tutorial Program - $50,000
University Program
Prep for Prep - $50,000
College Guidance and Undergraduate Affairs
Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House - $30,000
Riis Academy College Access Program (CAP)
MDRC - $50,000
College Match Program
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Teagle Contact:
Anne W. Bezbatchenko
Program Officer