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February 2012
Barnard College & Harlem Education Activities Fund (HEAF)
HEAF @ Barnard


$270,000 over 36 months to fund a collaboration between Barnard College and the Harlem Education Activities Fund, now in its seventh year. HEAF@Barnard offers a select group of HEAF students a year-round, authentic college experience, revealing the power and essence of liberal education. In this phase, students will participate in a history curriculum entitled Greenwich Village 1913: Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman, specially adapted for high school students. In addition, HEAF@Barnard will provide a prototype for other college-bound high-school students that can be ideally disseminated nationally. This partnership will serve approximately 90 students in total.

Brooklyn College & CAMBA
Brooklyn College's College Now and CAMBA's "Leading to College Program" at the School for Democracy and Leadership


$270,000 over 36 months to fund Leading to College, a three-way partnership program developed by Brooklyn College, CAMBA, and the School of Democracy and Leadership leverages the three institutions immense expertise to narrow the gaps between high school graduation and preparedness for college and beyond. Over the grant period, the partnership will offer the program to a select group of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the School for Democracy and Leadership in Brooklyn. Courses and activities are grade-specific, and focus on engaging students in a high interest theme (e.g., Why People Do What They Do?) while preparing them for college-level work in a specific discipline. Juniors and seniors who perform very well in these courses are then eligible to enroll in a variety of Brooklyn College courses alongside Brooklyn College students. This partnership will serve approximately 160 students in total.

Columbia University & Double Discovery Center
Freedom and Citizenship: Explorations in Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Thought


$270,000 over 36 months to support a program focused on the theme of freedom and citizenship in ancient, modern, and contemporary thought, and to support DDC's college preparatory programming.  Select students will participate in an intensive three-week summer seminar developed by faculty in Columbia's American Studies Program; workshops on writing, oral presentation, and other skills; and a collaborative web-based project during the subsequent academic year. Students will examine a range of major literary, philosophical, and political documents, including selections from Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, John Locke, the Federalist Papers, Tocqueville, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau, WEB Du Bois, John Dewey, Ralph Ellison, and Martin Luther King, Jr. During the academic year the program also serves a larger cohort of students with lectures and mini-courses taught by Columbia faculty that build on the themes of “Freedom and Citizenship” and introduce students to the promise of liberal-arts education by demonstrating how different disciplines approach common inquiries. This partnership will serve approximately 180 students in total.

Cornell University & Henry Street Settlement
The CAUSE (College Achievement through Urban Science Exploration) Project


$270,000 over 36 months to support a year-round program that will provide environmental studies, research, and field study, as well as intensive college preparatory services to low-income minority youth living in underprivileged urban communities in New York City. The program is designed to encourage students to explore science in emerging areas such as green technologies and ecological sustainability, while also supporting them through the college application process and preparing them for the rigors of college and scholarly research. The program will culminate in a one-week residential summer experience at Cornell University. College preparatory services are interwoven throughout the program year in order to increase student prospects for achieving academic success and ultimately gain acceptance to top colleges and universities. This partnership will serve approximately 75 students in total.

Drew University & Union Settlement Association
Building Bridges to (and from) the Liberal Arts


$270,000 over 37 months to encourage students from under-resourced New York City high schools to be more informed about and more motivated to pursue a college education, particularly a liberal arts education. The partnership's "Summer College" program brings these students to Drew for one of two week-long college-campus experiences, one focused on the arts and the other on the sciences. During the academic year, Drew tutors will travel to Union Settlement's East Harlem site to tutor middle and high school students in the bi-weekly Saturday Academy, and Union Settlement students have opportunities to participate in campus visit days during the school year. This partnership will serve approximately 60 students in total.

Fordham University & Bronxworks
The History Makers Scholars Program


$270,000 over 26 months to fund a partnership between Fordham University and Bronxworks, providing academic-year programming designed to give youth the opportunity to envision themselves in college. The program provides students with access to the Fordham college campus, college mentors, and university administrators and staff. Weekend workshops on all aspects of the college application and selection process and the college experience are held on the Fordham campus throughout the school year. Students also attend networking events and shadow days with college mentors. The academic component is an intensive five-week History Makers Scholars Program that fosters students' critical thinking, research, and oral and written communication skills, and culminates in a week-long research project. This partnership will serve approximately 75 students in total.

Manhattan College & Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
Young Scholars Immersion Program


$270,000 over 32 months to support the Young Scholars College Immersion Program, a partnership between Manhattan College & Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. This program aims to demystify the college experience and help high school students gain admission to an institution of higher learning, providing year-round mentoring and enrichment to assist motivated but disadvantaged students. Ninth and tenth graders will engage in workshops at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center focused on writing and study skills. Youth in tenth grade and up can earn an invitation to apply for the centerpiece of the partnership, the Summer Literacy Institute. This intensive one-week experience involves staying the residence halls, attending workshops and simulated university-level classes, taking exams, and learning about the university social and learning environment.

New York University & Children's Aid Society
EXCEL in Writing, Thinking, and Inquiry Project


$180,000 over 22 months to prepare talented but economically-challenged high school students in the South Bronx for high academic achievement and college success. New York University and Children's Aid Society partner to provide the "EXCEL in Writing, Thinking, and Inquiry" program, which is focused on three courses: the introduction to logic, readings in cosmopolitan ethics, and composition for the 21st Century. Students in the EXCEL program will participate in NYU immersion activities such as a campus tour, sessions with NYU admissions, financial aid, and various student services staff. The participants will also be mentored by NYU students for the school year. This partnership involves a strong assessment and research component; an NYU team will evaluate the program along three dimensions: student learning (i.e., gains in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and writing), student engagement and leadership in the community (i.e., increased levels of participation and leadership in Children's Aid Society activities), and college applications and results. This partnership will serve approximately 60 students over two years.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University & the Urban Assembly Institute (UAI) of Math & Science for Young Women
College Prep and Readiness for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


$270,000 over 36 months to support a collaboration between the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (UA Institute) and Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) to enhance STEM learning for girls from largely disadvantaged communities. Drawing on their experience from the first iteration of STEM, this phase of the partnership will: provide a foundation for college-level success through academic and personal preparation; methodically introduce college-level academic work; create a robust support structure for UA Institute's students to gain proficiency in subject matter; and allow for the highest performing and most engaged students to explore STEM fields more deeply at the college level. This partnership will serve approximately 600 students in total.

Skidmore College & Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
SEO-Skidmore Connections


$270,000 over 36 months to launch the next phase of "SEO-Skidmore Connections." a partnership in furtherance of their shared commitment to enhance the college readiness of talented but underserved New York City high school students. Based on lessons learned during the first phase of the partnership, Phase II will (a) emphasize enhanced social and academic integration of SEO into the summer program through an intentional focus by the summer faculty and staff on psychosocial factors contributing to student success and (b) serve an increased number of SEO students through enhanced cooperation and post-program follow-up (e.g., all SEO 12th graders will engage in weekend lectures by visiting Skidmore professors during the spring semester). The core of this partnership will remain the same in this phase; 12 SEO high school students each year will enroll in Skidmore's five-week summer Pre-College Program in the Liberal and Studio Arts, a program providing students the opportunity to take college courses, live on a college campus, and experience college life and learning. This partnership will serve over 300 students in total.

SUNY Old Westbury & Harlem RBI
College-Community Connections: Phase III


$270,000 over 28 months for 30 Harlem RBI participants will experience college life at SUNY Old Westbury for five days during the summer following their junior year in high school. To introduce them to college-level work, students will participate in a Pre-Residence consisting of three full-day activities on the SUNY Old Westbury campus in the weeks leading up to the college residence period. During the five day residence, students will engage in orientation and resource workshops as well as in an academic program derived from the SUNY Old Westbury's First Year Seminar, "The Ethics of Engagement." During the November following the residence, Harlem RBI participants will return to the Old Westbury campus for a one day post-residence period, at which time they will attend classes and participate in workshop activities with students and staff of the school. Additionally, Harlem RBI will take 35 rising ninth graders on an overnight trip to the SUNY Old Westbury campus, where they will explore the campus and participate in workshops on college preparation, expectations and success. This partnership will serve approximately 300 students in total.