Grants in Higher Education



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May 2008
College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University
Systematic assessment: Building capacity and closing the loop
Project Leaders: Ken Jones


$149,667 over 48 months to increase faculty expertise on assessment, create an institutionalized system of mentoring for good assessment, refine data sharing and communications structures related to assessment, and enhance oversight processes and structures to sustain the momentum for this work.

Earlham College
Creating and implementing ongoing general education learning goal assessment
Project Leaders: Lyn Miller


$149,577 over 48 months to determine and implement procedures for assessing two of the college's ten general education learning goals each year on an ongoing five-year rotation.

Hampshire College, Bard College, Bennington College, Colorado College, New College of Florida, Smith College, and Wellesley College
Assessing the senior thesis to improve teaching and learning
Project Leaders: Steve Weisler


$145,544 over 48 months to undertake a comparative assessment of senior theses leading to a series of workshops at which emerging data will be presented, shared, and used to guide the development and implementation of campus-based improvement plans suggested by the consortium's analysis.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Project Leaders: Teresa Amott Reshaping faculty culture: Evidence-based transformation in student learning


$150,000 over 36 months to engage up to half of the colleges' permanent faculty in a three-year process that builds the foundation for a community of practice around each of the colleges' eight learning goals, and leads to curricular innovation, enhanced teaching, better advising, and measurable improvements in student learning.

Hope College
Systematic improvement of student learning
Project Leaders: Carol Simon


$148,560 over 48 months to enhance students' writing skills and habits of curiosity and openness to new ideas by linking these goals to the evaluation of teaching, and by undertaking intensive faculty development efforts aimed at improving teaching effectiveness.

Juniata College
Systematic improvement in student learning via the establishment of a cost-effective scholarship of teaching and learning center
Project Leaders: Jim Lakso


$149,500 over 36 months to foster a campus-wide, faculty-driven culture of scholarship of teaching and learning aimed at assessing and improving student learning.

Kalamazoo College
Transforming Kalamazoo College through multi-layered and systematic improvement of student learning
Project Leaders: Paul Sotherland


$150,000 over 48 months to transform the college into a more vibrant teaching and learning environment by fostering a campus-wide and sustainable presence of the scholarship of teaching and learning that will build on an iterative and multi-layered approach to applying lessons gained through assessing student learning at the course, department, program, and college levels.

Middlebury College
Assessing student progression: Writing in the disciplines
Project Leaders: Kathy Skubikowski


$143,800 over 48 months to undertake a three-year portfolio assessment that examines the connections between writing and intellectual community membership at three critical junctures in students' careers: the transition from high school, the entry into a major, and the pursuit of a senior capstone experience.

Occidental College
Academic support assessment project
Project Leaders: Eric Frank


$150,000 over 36 months to determine and systematically assess how academic support units (e.g. centers for teaching and learning, advising offices, offices of religious and spiritual life, undergraduate research centers, etc.) contribute to students' total learning experience.

Skidmore College
Writing in the majors: Increasing student engagement through writing | Project website
Project Leaders: Beau Breslin


$150,000 over 48 months to promote student learning by teaching and assessing the conventions of writing in each discipline.

St. Lawrence University
Developing a process model for systematically assessing and improving liberal education: The St. Lawrence University diversity requirement as case study | Project website
Project Leaders: Eve Stoddard


$150,000 over 48 months to develop a systematic process to assess and improve learning outcomes around the college's goal of deepening students' ability to critically engage notions of sameness and difference.

St. Olaf College, Carleton College, and Macalester College
CALL and response: Small-scale innovations informing large-scale improvements in student learning | Project website
Project Leaders: Jo Beld


$150,000 over 36 months to improve student proficiency in making effective arguments by using a "demonstration project" model for innovation and improvement.

Whittier College
Systematic improvement in student learning
Project Leaders: Lisa Bortman


$150,000 over 36 months to develop an assessment data management system (DSpace software) that will provide an accessible, query-able, and relational set of institutional databases for use by individual faculty, as well as academic and administrative departments. The College will test the system's usability by addressing two areas of concern: improving under-represented minority students' performance in math, science, and writing gateway courses, and measuring the impact of community-based learning initiatives on student learning and engagement.

Randolph-Macon College
Systematic improvements in student learning
Project Leaders: Bill Johnston


$25,000 over 12 months (planning grant).

Trinity College
Faculty-driven learning assessment at Trinity College
Project Leaders: Thomas Mitzel


$25,000 over 12 months (planning grant).