The Teagle Foundation's commitment to promoting and strengthening liberal education grounds all of our grantmaking. Our programs generally encourage collaboration among institutions, seeking to generate new knowledge on issues of importance to higher education. We are further committed to widely disseminating this knowledge, which we hope will be useful to faculty and institutions beyond those initially funded.

The Foundation's signature Outcomes and Assessment initiative grows from our conviction that nothing has as much potential to affect students' educational experience as a sustained and systematic assessment of what and how they learn. Our Forums and Working Groups promote teaching and learning in the liberal arts.

Through our College-Community Connections program, the Foundation makes grants to community-based organizations in New York City that help disadvantaged young people prepare for—and succeed in—college, and works to build closer ties between these organizations and area colleges and universities.

The ExxonMobil Scholarship Program provides financial help for the children of ExxonMobil employees in gaining access to college.

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We do not accept unsolicited proposals.