Instructions for establishing an online account for annual report submissions will be sent to the project director of the grant. If there are multiple institutions and/or organizations involved, the instructions will be directed to the project director of the grant’s fiscal agent. 

From the grantee portal log-in page, click “forgot password?”.

Enter the primary e-mail address associated with the fiscal agent’s grant application (usually the project director). *Please do NOT create a new log-in or attempt to transfer access to the grantee portal as each account and progress report are uniquely linked.

An e-mail with a temporary password will be sent. When prompted, please enter a new password. It must contain at least 5 characters, with both letters and numbers.

Your grant award letter includes the required timeline of submission for annual reports. An e-mail with instructions will be sent approximately 8 weeks before each submission deadline.  If you believe you missed the e-mail, please check your spam folder.

Please do not submit your report until both the narrative and budget report are prepared and ready for review. If one is received without the other, the submission will be considered incomplete and your subsequent grant payment will be delayed. 

To officially conclude a grant funded project, the Foundation requires a budget indicating the scope of expenditures over the funding period with a balance of zero. Funds unexpended at the end of the grant period will revert to the Foundation unless we hear a persuasive case that the unexpended balance can significantly advance the objectives of the grant. If you would like to explore a no-cost extension, please read more here under “no-cost grant extension” instructions.

For all other questions about the reporting system, please contact Gwen Robbins, Officer Manager,