ExxonMobil Scholarship Program

The ExxonMobil scholarship program provides support for the children of ExxonMobil employees as they go to college. Applications to this program number 850-1000 annually, and for the foreseeable future, awards will number approximately 120 a year: approximately 20 need-based awards of up to $6,000 each and 100 honorary awards of $1,000 each.

The application deadline is traditionally November 1st, but applicants should be sure to double-check the application forms for any change to this date. Applicants must report ACT or SAT scores; the last admissible ACT test date is in October and for SAT is in November. Applications will be processed and evaluated over a period of several months, and competition results will be announced the following spring.

Applications may be obtained from the ExxonMobil Human Resource offices, while retired employees may obtain applications from ExxonMobil's Human Resources center in Houston. The program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc., (ISTS)  rather than by the Teagle Foundation itself. Questions should be directed to the ISTS at (855) 670-4787.