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The Teagle Foundation presents a set of podcast adventures bringing all the excitement of those old-time radio serials to (of all things!) the debate about improving student learning.

Set on the idyllic Ivy League campus of Grandview University, each episode offers scintillating dialogue plus cliffhanger suspense—Plato meets The Shadow!  Two renowned Grandview professors, Indigo Jones and Euthyphro Latham, engage in a lively battle of wits over the assessment controversy. But Jones's pro-assessment crusade brings him up against an enemy even more terrifying than the academic establishment—the gods! Can he survive the calamities with which they try to crush him?

The Foundation believes in strengthening student learning in the liberal arts and sciences through the creative use of evidence, especially when it's generated by innovative faculty. That's why we share a passion for fresh ideas about assessment with a certain world-famous archaeologist...

Indigo Jones has devoted his life to recovering the lost treasures of ancient times. Braving the dangers that lurk in the depths of earth and sea (not to mention the murderous plots of certain foreign governments), the dauntless Jones pursues his divinely appointed mission to restore to us the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome. But now he's on a new mission: convincing the academic world of the urgent need for assessment. It's one that transforms him from a servant of the gods into their proud antagonist—with consequences that make the perils of archaeology seem like small potatoes.

Euthyphro Latham is yet another luminary of the Grandview Classics Department. Dr. Latham has earned the gratitude of Greek philologists everywhere for trenchant, timely monographs such as How Confusing is That?: ei kai and kai ei Meant Totally Different Things! (Tübingen 1986), as well as enthusiastic student evaluations for his popular survey course "From Mycenae to Byzantium: It's All Greek to Me."

Original concept and creative direction: W. R. CONNOR
Written by RICK McKIM

Radio Graphic by MIKE HOUSTON, Cannonball Press

For more on Indigo Jones, see the original Liblog entry where Bob Connor introduced Professor Jones to the world.

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