Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts (Webinar Recording)

The Teagle Foundation hosted a webinar in October 2019 on liberal arts transfer pathways in collaboration with Ithaka S+R and North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU). Ithaka S+R shared data on the scale and potential community college transfer to independent colleges, while NCICU described their experience with launching a comprehensive transfer agreement with the North Carolina Community College System. The webinar wrapped up with a discussion of Teagle’s funding opportunity for leaders interested in collaboratively building liberal arts transfer pathways between community colleges and independent colleges in their region or state. The slides from the presentation include links to transfer agreements developed by NCICU and other transfer-related resources. Ithaka S+R published a report in June 2020 on their analysis of the transfer opportunity for independent colleges and concrete strategies for tackling the academic, financial, and cultural dimensions of transfer.

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Webinar Recording