It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Teagle Foundation website and to the various resources it affords. Established in 1944 by Walter C. Teagle, the Foundation has always devoted the largest part of its resources to issues that are at the heart of today’s national policy agenda: college quality, access, and affordability. More specifically, our work has focused on supporting and strengthening liberal arts education – at liberal arts colleges, but also at institutions in other sectors of higher education.   

I have had the honor of serving first as a member of the Teagle Board of Directors and, since 2013, as the Foundation’s president. The two prior presidents I have followed – Robert Connor and Richard Morrill – have positioned the Foundation to play a role in the world of higher education far beyond our relatively modest size.

We are known for working with groups of collaborating institutions in order to strengthen the reach of our programs and to allow grant partners to learn from one another. We also take care to assess the impact of our work on a regular basis with the help of outside evaluators. While most of our work is carried out at colleges and universities throughout the United States, one part of our work is concentrated in the New York area: our College-Community Connections program supports young people from underserved neighborhoods as they seek to benefit from a high-quality liberal education. You will find information about our grantmaking on this website: about how we develop program areas, about our current and past Requests for Proposals (RFPs), about projects we currently support, along with guidelines for grantees.

We hope that you find this website helpful as you seek to learn more about the Teagle Foundation and about the specific issues in higher education to which we are dedicated. Please let us know if you have questions or comments for us, and thank you for your interest in the Foundation.

--Judith R. Shapiro