07.2020 | Staff Writings

Universities must offer more than 'Zoom from your room'

In this article published in the Financial Times, Teagle Foundation president Andrew Delbanco reflects on how the pandemic will have a differential impact on elite and non-elite institutions and how the “involuntary experiment” to dramatically improve online learning may yield some lasting benefit for all students. If such broad-based benefits are not realized, “the pandemic will have been an inconvenience for the privileged and a disaster for everyone else.”
06.2020 | Teagle in the News

The End of College as We Knew It?

In this article New York Times opinion columnist Frank Bruni discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has put liberal arts education, particularly the humanities, in jeopardy. Teagle Foundation president Andrew Delbanco and board member Brian Rosenberg are quoted on how the pandemic is not only a health and safety crisis, but also a values crisis, and a liberal arts education provides the necessary grounding to navigate these multi-pronged threats. Bruni highlights the Teagle-funded Cornerstone program at Purdue University as an example of what more colleges need to be doing to prepare as many “broadly educated, deeply reflective citizens and leaders as possible.” He also mentions Teagle grantees LaGuardia Community College and Ursinus College in his column as additional examples of how colleges across the country are recommitting to the liberal arts as part of their response to the pandemic.