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That Can Be Me Inc.






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Ann Kowal Smith

That Can Be Me, Inc.

Grant Summary

$150,000 over 24 months to support a grant for Books@Work, a program that partners colleges and companies to bring faculty-led liberal arts experiences to adults in workplace and community settings. Weekly seminars, with a mix of supervisors, front-line workers, and clerical staff, guide participants through readings that enable them to investigate essential questions, explore diverse perspectives, and inspire them to find their voice. Revenues from its employer-sponsored programs supports community programs targeting charter and public school parents, public school classified staff, young single mothers in a court-mandated alternative sentencing program, and veterans. The Books@Work program will become self-sustaining when it grows to 10,000 employer-sponsored participants each year. In order to scale the program That Can Be Me, Inc. seeks funding to hire a communications and marketing director and a research director. Making the case for Books@Work in a broad range of company and community settings, coupled with a rigorous message of the program’s outcomes, will enable them to increase the number of programs and recruit participants.