White papers and reports by external evaluators examine a range of issues tackled by Teagle initiatives, from embedding a culture of evidence for student learning, creating consortial arrangements that encourage innovation and resource-sharing, and preparing the next generation of faculty to teach effectively in the arts and sciences.

report initiative
Consortial Leadership Toward Large-Scale Change (2016)Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century
Faculty Collaboration and Technology in the Liberal Arts: Lessons from a Teagle Grant Program (2018)Hybrid Learning and the Residential Liberal Arts Experience
Improving Faculty Preparation in Research Universities (2016)Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences
Paths to Engagement: Provoking Intellectual Ferment through Pedagogies of Social Participation-2017A Larger Vision: Education for Civic and Moral Responsibility
Scaling and Sustaining Change and Innovation (2015)Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century
Evaluation Summary of the Teagle Foundation’s College-Community Connections Initiative (2014)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
Preparing for Evaluation: Lessons from a Review of College-Community Connections (2016)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
College-Community Connections Evaluation Report (2011)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
Implementation and Influence of a Unique Pre-College Experience (2008)College-Community Connections: Partnerships