Elizabeth Boylan

Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Andrew Delbanco

President, The Teagle Foundation
Alexander Hamilton Professor of American Studies, Columbia University

Blanche Goldenberg

Former Chief Executive Officer, The Balf Company

Philip B. Pool, Jr.

Brian Rosenberg

President, Macalester College

Walter C. Teagle III

President, Teagle Management, Inc.

Pauline Yu

President Emeritus , American Council of Learned Societies

Kenneth P. Cohen

Former Vice President, Public Affairs, ExxonMobil Corporation

Scott Essex

Partner, Partners Group

Jayne Keith

President, Jayne W. Teagle, Inc.

Grant Porter

Vice Chairman and Chairman of Global Natural Resources Investment Banking, Barclays Capital

Kate Shae

Vice President, Corporate Financial Services, ExxonMobil Corporation

Saskia Levy Thompson

Program Director, New Designs , Carnegie Corporation of New York


Walter C. Teagle III


Andrew Delbanco


Ann-Marie Buckley