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CUNY Graduate Center






Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences

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Cathy Davidson

The Graduate Center Foundation

Grant Summary

$50,000 over 16 months to support graduate students; as future faculty – to teach effectively the “new majority” of undergraduates entering higher education who are increasingly racially diverse, first-generation to attend college, and/or from underserved communities. This project aims to help graduate students understand their roles as both teachers and learners as they prepare to teach their own courses as graduate student instructors in undergraduate classrooms. Graduate Center faculty will collaborate with faculty from other CUNY colleges to co-teach graduate level courses on pedagogy. Workshops on effective teaching practices will also be made available to graduate students. Futures Initiative will also select a cohort of up to 30 undergraduates from across CUNY campuses to participate in summer peer mentorship training and serve as campus liaisons for the graduate student instructors.