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Miami Dade College






Liberal Arts and the Professions

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Julie Alexander

Miami Dade College

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 36 months to redesign three business education programs – business entrepreneurship, accounting technology, and transportation and logistics – to yield a new model for contextualizing liberal arts content in workforce programs that can be disseminated college-wide across its eight campuses as well as nationally. Currently business students are directed to satisfying these distribution requirements from a menu of courses. Faculty from the liberal arts disciplines and the three participating business programs will come together as a learning community to refine the prescribed set of general education courses and select a minimum of three general education courses (nine credits) to be contextualized so students see the connections between the liberal arts and their career aspirations. For example, principles from sociology, psychology, and history would enrich learning activities centered on marketing – audience, demographics, and behavior targeting – advancing general education and program-based learning outcomes. A subset of faculty learning community members will serve as campus ambassadors charged with engaging and informing participating departments, mentoring adjunct faculty to ensure that the revised curricula are consistently delivered across all course sections and across all campuses, and disseminating the model to their peers.