The Teagle Foundation occasionally makes special grants for projects that are aligned with our interests in advancing the liberal arts, broadening access to a liberal arts education, and enhancing student learning, and yet do not fall within the parameters of our formal Requests for Proposals. Such grants are entertained only for exceptional projects as we place a premium on requests aligned with our RFPs in order to maintain our strategic focus as a foundation.

As with all funded projects, special project grants are generally expected to involve 4-6 campus partners in a community of practice. Grant requests must make a persuasive case for support by demonstrating (1) how participating institutions will substantively differ or be strengthened as a result of a Teagle grant; (2) how those substantive changes will be sustained beyond the life of a grant; and (3) how the campus partners will benefit from collaborating with one another.

The process for applying for and administering a special project grant is the same as requests submitted under our RFPs.

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