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$$50,000 over 24 months. In 2006-2007, Adelphi University's Department of English collaborated with Groundwork to offer a group of rising sophomores in Groundwork for Success (GWS) a literature and creative writing program to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their college preparedness. The program began with a six-week summer session that brought students on weekly field trips—designed to improve their reading and writing—to New York City cultural landmarks, and had them participate in reading and writing workshops—on a variety of literary genres—led by Adelphi's professors of creative writing and assisted by graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and Groundwork staff. An eight-week follow-up session in the spring, this time focused on a single genre led by one Adelphi professor, had students undertake weekly electronic correspondence and bulletin board work, all with an eye to producing a piece of creative work that has been revised at least twice. Having run the program once, Adelphi and Groundwork have renewed their commitment for a further two years, and have re-structured it a few ways. Still a two-part program, it will now consist of a four-day, three-night residency on Adelphi's campus during the summer, followed by a three-week session at Groundwork's offices that focus on reading, research, and writing. Led by one Adelphi professor, the latter will include classroom discussion and research time, strategic trips to New York City landmarks, and writing and revising workshops. Students will produce writing portfolios with one piece of creative writing that has undergone revision, a checklist of accomplishments, and a self-assessment.