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Clark Atlanta University






Cornerstone: Learning for Living

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Teri Platt; Danille Taylor

Grant Summary

$225,000 over 24 months to launch a redesigned first-year two-semester seminar and a new general education certificate program. All sections of the first-year seminar, which is required of all first-year students, will be organized around readings drawn from a common listand engagement with the “Art of the Negro” murals by Hale Woodruff and other artifacts in the “Objects Classroom” of the CAU Art Museum. Students will also be encouraged to further explore the African Diasporic experience through classic and contemporary transformative humanities texts in selected general education courses that meet the university's humanities/fine arts requirements. These courses will be revised to draw from the same reading list used to inform the design of the first-year seminar. Students will also have the option to earn the DuBois Fellows certificate by completing the first-year seminar sequence, two of the selected general education humanities courses, and two Honors Colloquia that emphasize the humanities.