campus partner(s)

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Hostos Community College

and Stella and Charles Guttman Community College






Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence

award date


project director

Alexandra Logue and Mari Watanabe-Rose

CUNY Graduate Center and CUNY Central Office

Grant Summary

$27,250 over 5 months for a planning grant to develop a placement policy and curricular streamlining strategy for developmental mathematics that is grounded in empirical evidence and attends to students’ aspirations. As part of the planning process, faculty from mathematics and the social and natural sciences will come together to determine which quantitative/mathematics topics are necessary in order for students to satisfy general education quantitative reasoning courses and introductory course requirements in the natural and social sciences, and develop a plan for how to analyze, and subsequently recommend, modifications for the quantitative curriculum and requirements. The planning grant will also be used to develop a strategy to model change for other CUNY community colleges and for national dissemination.