campus partner(s)

Colorado College

Monmouth College

Beloit College

and Knox College






Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence

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project director

Regula Meyer Evitt

Colorado College

Grant Summary

$50,000 over 18 months to help faculty articulate and students understand how the outcomes of a liberal education are threaded throughout general education and the major. The partner institutions have identified different points in the curriculum—such as first year experiences, transition from general education to the major, and upper-division advising—that are particularly important to helping students achieve a clear understanding of educational goals. Each institution will focus on a different moment in the curricular pathway. Through the work of this grant, the colleges aim to cultivate relationships across the campuses and foster a learning community that will promote greater curricular coherence and advising practices and will help students see connections and pathways through the curriculum. Furthermore, they aim to develop faculty advocates for continued attention to issues of curricular coherence beyond the life of the grant.