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LaGuardia Community College






Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence

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Bret Eynon

LaGuardia Community College

Grant Summary

$260,000 over 36 months to align system-wide general education requirements with LaGuardia Community College’s own majors and degree programs, identify and remove hidden pre-requisites that create obstacles for completion, and promote intellectual cohesion in its course offerings to develop highly structured guided learning pathways for students. LaGuardia recently completed a series of curricular reforms for CUNY’s Pathways initiative, a system-led effort to ensure seamless transfer of credit for lower-division general education courses across the two- and four-year colleges. As part of the Learning Matters project, departments representing both liberal arts and pre-professional majors will participate in a faculty learning community over three years to remove outdated courses, refine program maps, align general education and major courses, and developed coordinated assignments. The fine-grained attention to assignments will ensure intellectual coherence in LaGuardia’s push to implement guided learning pathways, help faculty to translate the CUNY Pathways framework into meaningful classroom practice in general education and major courses college-wide, and enable students to discern connections across courses and contexts.