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Associated Colleges of the South






Fresh Thinking

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Wayne Anderson

Associated Colleges of the South

Grant Summary

$10,000 over 6 months. With this planning grant, the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) will convene faculty from ACS campuses and outside researchers with expertise in student learning to explore the recent research on student learning, to better define the objectives of their Collegium initiative, and to determine a comprehensive proposal to meet those objectives and assess them. The experts will play an integral part in shaping this undertaking, advising faculty on what aspects of learning should be considered; what materials should be used; what processes are most likely to elicit faculty interest and commitment; what course and pedagogical changes are most feasible and likely; what support systems are necessary for faculty who want to change their courses to make them more responsive to the way students learn; and how they should assess the incorporation of the research into pedagogical practice.

Additional smaller meetings will be held between a representative group of faculty and chief academic officers of ACS institutions in order to focus on key aspects of the process over which the academic officers have authority and control, and to ensure that ACS staff have had the opportunity to visit with faculty, deans, and experts.