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Columbia University






Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences

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Jan Allen

Columbia University

Grant Summary

$35,000 over 14 months to develop an integrated and comprehensive training program for PhD students in the arts and sciences. Fifteen students—Teagle Teaching Scholars—will participate in a year-long seminar on the science of learning; take part in a pilot course, "Fundamentals of College and University Teaching," which will serve as the basis for a mandatory for-credit graduate school course; engage in a series of developmental activities, including teaching observations, mentored teaching experiences, and preparation of a teaching portfolio; teach an undergraduate course of their own design; and serve as "lead" teaching fellows in their home departments, a role that includes coordinating disciplinary-based teaching instruction and conducting classroom observations of teaching fellows within their department, as well as helping to creating "teaching toolkits" with discipline-based instructional materials and classroom-tested activities.