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Bard Early Colleges






Pathways to the Liberal Arts

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Stephen Tremaine; John Weinstein

Bard Early Colleges

Grant Summary

$200,000 over 30 months to ensure that graduates of Bard Early Colleges have college-level credits that count towards the major once they matriculate into baccalaureate degree programs. Bard Early Colleges is a leader in creating four-year high schools that offer two years of college credit so that students graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate of art degree. The rigorous curriculum and college-level faculty have enabled graduates of Bard Early Colleges to both gain access to and graduate from four- year colleges and universities at higher rates than their peers at neighboring high schools. To ensure that students have a seamless experience transitioning into a baccalaureate degree program, the faculty have realized that their courses must do more than offer college-level credit, they must count towards graduation requirements at the baccalaureate institutions where their students matriculate. Teagle support will begin the process of ensuring that Bard Early Colleges’ college-level courses can be applied towards baccalaureate major requirements, thus ensuring that students can attain a college degree two years after graduating from one of the Bard Early Colleges.