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Social Science Research Council






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Craig Calhoun

Social Science Research Council

Grant Summary

$150,000 over 24 months to the Social Science Research Council to build on the prior Carnegie, Lumina, Ford, and Teagle-funded Academically Adrift project. It aims to develop an assessment tool that captures faculty goals for undergraduate learning in one-humanities-based field of study (part of Phase I of a multi-layered project). The tool will be created over two years by convening a panel of faculty and representatives from the field’s main professional association. Using a consensus-driven framework, the panelists will discuss learning goals for their field of study’s introductory course, as well as the major as a whole. In addition to drafting a white paper detailing their goals for undergraduate learning, the panel will work in close collaboration with the SSRC project management team, and a professional educational testing firm to create a comprehensive assessment tool for the field of study.