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John Jay College of Criminal Justice






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Ann Jacobs

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Grant Summary

$150,000 over 24 months to expand and enhance two direct-service initiatives of the Prisoner Reentry Institute: Prison-to-College Pipeline, a reentry program that provides college courses to prisoners within five years of release, and College Initiative, a program that promotes college access and success after release.

Launched in fall 2011, Prison-to-College-Pipeline (P2CP) aims to identify and prepare candidates for college during incarceration and provides support as participants transition to the community and continue their studies at a CUNY institution. In 2015, PRI was selected as a site for the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program for Incarcerated Individuals and will increase enrollment in P2CP from 20 to 150 students within three years.

Another of PRI’s efforts, College Initiative (CI), focuses on increasing access to higher education and college success for formerly incarcerated individuals who have reintegrated into the community. PRI will be pursuing external quantitative and qualitative evaluation of CI to inform their management of the program and provide useful information to other jurisdictions within the higher education community.