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Skidmore College

Colgate University

Hamilton College

and SUNY Albany






Special Project

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project director

Mimi Hellman

Skidmore College

Grant Summary

$222,500 over 36 months to create best practices in teaching and learning with on-campus museum exhibits. The project will involve helping faculty and students across disciplines learn how to work critically with a range of images, artifacts, and display spaces through revised or newly created courses that take advantage of engaging with material objects in a museum setting. Museum staff will collaborate with faculty to develop courses, modules, and assignments to consider how subject matter, medium, authorship, physical and institutional setting, display and labeling strategies, audience, and museum programming shape learning experiences. The project will culminate in a symposium where institutions with on-campus museums will be invited to participate (the potential audience includes at least 450 institutions nationally that have on-campus museums or galleries).