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New England Board of Higher Education

Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Rhode Island






Transfer Pathways to the Liberal Arts

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Emily Decatur

New England Board of Higher Education

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 36 months to the New England Board of Higher Education, in partnership with the independent college associations of three states – Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – to implement the New England Independent College Transfer Guarantee to assure acceptance at an independent nonprofit four-year institution for students graduating from community colleges with associate degrees in the liberal arts. This project will involve the participation of all the community colleges and over 40 independent colleges in the three states. The basic design of the Transfer Guarantee will include the following key components for any community college student who completes an associate degree within the liberal arts and meets minimum GPA requirements: waiver of transfer application fee and eligibility for additional incentives to transfer, including guaranteed transfer of associate degree credits, guaranteed admission, and access to institutional financial aid. This project is co-funded by the Davis Educational Foundation.