The Teagle Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved over $300,000 in support of its ongoing initiatives to advance teaching and learning of liberal arts education.

Grants Awarded
Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence brings faculty together to create coherent and efficient curricula whose goals, pathways, and outcomes are clear to students and other constituencies with a stake in the future of higher education:

Austin Community College, The Great Questions Seminar: A Great Books Introduction to the Liberal Arts
$260,000 over 36 months to scale up Great Questions Seminars (GQS) a three-credit, semester-long “student success” course. In GQS, students read classical texts like the Odyssey to reflect on their educational journey, practice the skills necessary to be a successful college student, and connect seminal works in the arts and sciences to the concepts and theories they will study in introductory general education coursework. Grant funds scale the course to over 50 sections, enrolling over 1000 students, each academic year. 

College-Community Connections, Individual Community-Based Organizations provides funding to college access and success programs in New York City at sites where the Foundation has been a longstanding supporter:

The Boys’ Club of New York, College Access Program
$75,000 over 36 months to expand the Boys’ Club of New York’s capacity to provide the programming, guidance, and assessment of activities that support college access, transition, and success for its members.